Reth & Reghistan
Pakistani Folklore through Sculpture & Stories


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We share stories through research, literature, and visual art.


Reth aur Reghistan is a visual storytelling project by two Pakistani sisters. Every community has its own collection of stories and folktales that are transmitted orally and tend to stay within these communities. We aim to collect and share these stories from minority communities in Sindh and Balochistan, and artistically interpret them using materials from these areas. We will then publish a hardcover book consisting of photographs of these miniature worlds, alongside text detailing the narratives.

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Find out about our vision, goals, and the final publication.

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A collaboration between two Pakistani Visual artists and sisters.

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Their love for the whimsical and fantastical gave them inspiration to re-create miniature worlds from stories and literature [...] they started building terrariums and presenting it to the world through their blog Backyard Worlds.
— Zahra Fatima, HomeLoveLifestyle
(Arabian Sea) - عرب سمندر.JPG